The Tulsa Antiques and Bottle Club was founded in 1970 as a group of enthusiastic collectors of antique and vintage bottles and jars.  Collectible bottles fall into many categories, to include soda pop, milks, spirits, beers, medicines, stoneware, nursers, fire extinguishers,  target balls, cosmetics, perfumes and many others.  Desirable antique jars include those for candy, tobacco, canning, apothecary, countertop displays, and more.   The club's collectors initially fell into two general categories; those acquiring bottles via estate

sales, auctions, antique and bottle shows or

other collectors and  those searching for

bottles  in riverbeds, digging in old dumps

or outhouses, prowling through  old buildings

or barns, and other places where bottles

might be  found. 

   As time passed, the focus of the club has

expanded greatly, adding members  who

collect antiques and vintage ceramics, glass,

marbles, advertising, coin-operated devices,

paper, ephemera, photos, toys, cast iron,

relics, etc.  Many members have been long

time collectors who are willing to share

their knowledge of antiques and collectibles

regarding authenticity, age, value, and 

reproductions. Periodic membership meetings are held to discuss the ongoing shows, auctions, estate sales, etc. as well as recently discovered items, along with our annual Antique Advertising and

Bottle Show which takes place in June.  Most meetings also center around the presentation of a topic of interest, to enhance members' knowledge regarding collectible items from the past.

                                   2022 Annual Antique Advertising and Bottle Show

    On March 26th the date for our 44th annual show was confirmed and will take place June 18, 2022 at the Tulsa Fairgrounds in the Sagenet Center, upper level, with the Tulsa Flea Market. For many years we scheduled the show on Saturday following Fathers Day in June.  This year the building is not available that weekend, being used for a celebration of Route 66, so we moved our show to June 18th.  Please see our Annual Show Page for additional details on this years show.

   We are happy to report that our 2021 show was our biggest and best ever, having nearly 250 sales tables with more than 110 venders from 15 states including both Dakotas, Kentucky, and California !

Attendance was in the thousands with buyers coming from as far as Nebraska and Florida !

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