The 2020 Tulsa Antique Advertising and Bottle Show, which we expected to take place on June 27th has been cancelled.   This is for a number of reasons relating to the Covid-19 virus, with health and safety being #1.   In addition, the show is held in a public building owned by Tulsa County on the Tulsa Fairgrounds.   Fairgrounds properties are not available for any events at this time, and it is not known when they may become available.   We are naturally disappointed, particularly because the show has continued to grow, and is now one of the largest antique advertising and bottle shows in the country.   We also hope this has not caused a great deal of inconvenience or consternation on the part of our dealers and attendees.   As always we expect the show to be the weekend after Father's Day, in 2021.   We will hold the pizza for the dealers until next year, and genuinely hope to see you then.      

Henry Tankersley, President, Tulsa Antiques and Bottle Club 

Tulsa Antiques & Bottle Club is a club for lovers of antiques, whether they be turn-of-the-century bottles and flasks or antiques of any and all descriptions and categories. This club began as a bottle club in 1970 and was dedicated to and for those individuals who hunted and even dug for all manner of bottles, flasks and jars.  It has evolved into a club whose members collect any and all antiques, ranging from country store, advertising, apothecary, cast iron, Frankoma, glass, drug store, country store, relics, bottles and flasks, and a myriad of other subjects too numerous to mention.

 We strive to enhance and promote the collection, preservation and knowledge

of old or antique items from our past for the benefit of present and future generations. What our members collect is as diverse as the members themselves.

   Our members also share their vast and extensive knowledge of antiques by presenting programs on a wide variety of subjects at each meeting, thus helping everyone to broaden their knowledge on subjects of antiques and collectibles which we may know little or nothing about. We also put on an annual antique, advertising and bottle show each year, generally in mid to late June, which has become very large,well known, and very well attended.

   2019 Antiques Advertising and Bottle Show, is history.  We had a huge record breaking show this year. Best show ever !  Our show alone had over 250 tables and 33 booths with dealers from California, New York  and everywhere in between. We had 17 states represented this year! Check (clic) on our "Annual Show" tab (above) for  new updated photos we have added showing highlights of our 2019  show.  Between the Flea Market and our show, we have over 900 tables and booths of great antiques and collectibles.  Don't forget, next years show should be this same June time frame and we will post the exact date as soon as we know it.   As always the Friday before will be set up and our show will be on Saturday, 8am-4pm. Check (clic) out our annual show tab above for details and photos.  and remember, it's always FREE ADMISSION!

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Tulsa Antiques & Bottle Club

Tulsa, Oklahoma

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