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Our 45th annual Tulsa Antique Advertising and Bottle show will  be held from 8am to 4pm on Saturday, July 22nd, 2023


next to the Tulsa Flea market in the upper level of the SageNet Center, Tulsa Fairgrounds.  The fully air conditioned SageNet


center is the huge building right behind the Golden Driller at 21st Street and Pittsburg Avenue in Tulsa, OK.   It is strongly


recommended that attendees park on the north side of the building, which will be much less congested.  The show will feature


Genuine Antique  Advertising in virtually all categories, including items from country stores, drug stores, saloons, soda


fountains, candy shops, barber shops, auto dealers, oil and gas, hardware stores, clothing and shoe stores, meat markets, beer,


soda pop, etc.  Categories include tin/glass/paper/porcelain  signs, counter top displays,  product boxes, tin containers, paper


items, and advertising giveaways (trinkets/trade cards, etc.)  Also featured will be BOTTLES of all descriptions to include soda


pop, medicines, milks, beers, spirits, stoneware, nursers, perfumes, cosmetics, and many more.  For JAR collectors there will


be MASON and other fruit/canning jars plus apothecary jars, stoneware, jars for candy, tobacco and other countertop displays. 


Additional categories include  coin-op, display cabinets, toys, marbles, cast iron, and other related items.  There will be


THOUSANDS of ACL SODA BOTTLES  for sale from dealers accross the country.  Tulsa has been designated THE show for


collectors of PAINTED LABEL SODA BOTTLES.  On friday evening  Orlando Florida's David Meinz, president of the PSBCA


(Painted Soda Bottles Collectors Association) will chair a presentation on collecting painted label sodas.  Details can be found


on their website,, which is a mecca for collectors of ACL soda bottles.

Don't forget we share the building with the massive Tulsa Flea Market, which is the largest of the year on this weekend.

There will be all kinds of antiques and collectibles for sale and you can never tell what will be found.  The bottom line is


 this show is huge !  It is the largest and best show of its type in middle America, with a combined total of over 1200

 sales tables having dealers from 15 states.  One would have to travel east to Indiana or west to to California to find a


comparable show.  It takes place just once a year and there is no admission charge, so how can you be anywhere else


that weekend.

                                                                                              DON'T MISS IT!

 Photos from our 2022 show are displayed below.   Please scroll thru them to get an idea of the breadth of the show as well as


the types of merchandise our dealers have for sale.  Those of you who are collectors/dealers may also see a familiar face or


    For details  on becoming a dealer or for

        More  information please contact 

                      Henry Tankersley at

                    918-663-3218 (home) or




           Dale Peterson at 918-693-1918

              (call or text)  or email Dale at


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