Our 44th annual Tulsa Antique Advertising and Bottle Show, held on Saturday, June 18, 2022,  in the


SageNet Center at the Tulsa Fairgrounds,  was a great success.  More than 100 dealers from12 states,


including California, North Dakota, Michigan, Minnesota and Illinois were in attendance, displaying


antique advertising and bottles on 222 tables.  This years show was about 10% smaller than last


years due to several factors.  The most significant was our being forced to have the show on Father's


Day weekend.  The entire SageNet Center was commandeered by a Route 66  celebration on our


preferred date (the weekend after father's day) and we lost dealers and attendees due to  their having


other plans for the holiday weekend.  Other factors were the higher transportation costs and an


unsettled economy.  Particularly troubling was losing a few significant ACL soda pop bottle dealers due


to the date change.  We do not intend to have the show on Father's Day weekend again, and may have to


move it up earlier into June or later into July..  We will simply have to see.  The national group of ACL


soda bottle collectors have made the Tulsa Show a featured event on their annual calendars and we


intend to accommodate them in the future.  Tulsa remains the largest show of its kind in middle


America,  and one would have to travel east to Indiana or west to California to find a comparable show.

     A second attraction the day of our show is the massive Tulsa Flea Market in the same building, which


was again the largest flea market of the year.  It provides an additional 1000 tables of antiques and


collectible merchandise for sale, a large portion of which were bottles and advertising.

     Photos from our 2022 show are displayed below.   Please scroll thru them to get an idea of the


breadth of the show as well as the types of merchandise our dealers have for sale.  Those of you who


are collectors/dealers may also

see a familiar face or two.

    For further information please

contact Henry Tankersley at

918-663-3218 (home) or



or  Dale Peterson at 918-693-1918

(call or text) or 918-341-5475 (leave


message) or email Dale at



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